How to Enhance Your Accent Wall

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It’s rare to find a beautifully designed accent wall in someone’s house. A good one can make or break a house in terms of aesthetics, and unless you designed yours personally, there’s a chance you could improve it with better material and design.

There are not many better ways to create the illusion that your house has more space than it really does than with an accent wall. Especially if you have more of an open-plan design, stone, wood, or tile accents walls will make your home feel larger and more spacious without you having to use any interior walls.

Most tend to decorate their accent walls with just paint, but by using other materials in the construction of yours, you can go above and beyond what people expect to see from an accent wall. Imagine transforming the atmosphere of your house from an average residential home to that of a beautiful ancient Roman palace, simply with a quick upgrade to your accent wall.

Indeed there are many options to choose from but how can you know what to settle on? If you’re looking for a good accent wall alternative, look no further. Here are three materials that can bring elegance and charm to your formerly boring accent wall.

Stone VeneerWall room

This is one of the most beautiful materials you can use on an accent wall. It gives the appearance of an outside wall, sitting right in the middle of your home. Well done stone accent walls will add style points to even the ugliest of homes, and they can even serve as a kind of therapeutic art piece. Plain, solid colors can become monotonous and claustrophobic to look at, but a gorgeous stone veneer accent wall can shatter that monotony and give you an anchor for achieving a peaceful state of mind.

Leather Wrapped Stone

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If you want to go with a look that’s slightly less rough, a leather-wrapped stone is an excellent choice. Tempered Leather and glazed tiles are made of naturally cleft stone that is covered in vibrant pigments, a vibrant metallic finish or that have been wrapped in a layer of genuine leather. This material gives your wall a smoother look but provides just as many color and design options as stone veneer or other materials. It allows gives your wall the same textured look that a simple coat of paint cannot.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

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This is a great option for those of you who aren’t fond of a stone or brick design, but still want something beautiful that’s not boring like regular paint. Reclaimed wood wall panels are excellent because they can give you that rustic, outdoors feel from your accent wall.  You could go with a beautiful, classic log cabin design, or something a bit more modern. Many people choose a reclaimed wood wall panel design that’s similar to a stone or brick design, but with all the textural aspects of reclaimed wood, rather than stone or brick.

In Conclusion

Decorating your accent wall can be a fun and challenging endeavor. Rather than use a boring, simple paint job, try using one of the three materials mentioned in this article instead.

Whether you choose to go with stone veneer, leather-wrapped stone, or reclaimed wood wall panels, you are much better off than if you had just used paint.

A well-done accent wall with any of these materials is sure to bring an added element of tranquility and subtle elegance that you will love. Try them for yourself and see how much more you begin to appreciate your accent wall.