Outdoor Activities to Play This Summer

kids play football outside
kids play football outside

In spring and summer, you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, walking around wearing light clothes, and having fun. Especially, if you spend all the time working from home, you crave new adventures. Free time in the fresh air can be quite intense and full of new discoveries, in order to make leisure time on the street interesting and varied, it’s enough to use a little imagination. In this article, we will offer several ideas on what to do outdoors with the family, so both children and adults could stay delighted.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people start to get around by cars, bicycles, electric go-karts like Segway Ninebot, skateboards, or electric ATVs – the last option is gaining more and more popularity now. Quality bike lanes and parks are ideal for commuting and walking, while popular accessories like bike lights, stylish reflectors, and vests will help you stand out from the active lifestyle.

During the quarantine, when many people were forced to exercise at home, advice from famous coaches and stars on how to workout at home gained particular popularity on social networks. Such content can become a source of inspiration not only for you but also for your children!

Invite them to do outdoor sports. Following your example, children will soon begin to take the initiative to play sports together and begin to move more. Set goals – maybe today is the day to learn new exercises, tricks, or improve your athletic performance. Children will be happy to spend more time outdoors, but initially, the initiative should come from you.

For fun outdoor activities with the whole family, you don’t need to have expensive gear. With a little imagination and simple accessories, you can have a great time competing in jumping, playing ball games, or helping your child build a tall sandcastle.

It’s also worth remembering that summer is coming soon, and inflatable pools, children’s fishing rods, and various water toys will soon top the lists of the most popular games. They will make spending time outdoors or near the water an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. To create a competitive spirit, outline the gate with cones and split into two teams. You have the opportunity to invite your family members to a soccer match and find out who is the best at scoring a goal.

If you or your family members don’t like soccer, then we recommend playing another very popular ball game – basketball. When was the last time you played the “minus five” basketball game? This is a game where the first player scores the basket from any distance passes the turn to another player, who must reach the ring from the same spot. If he misses, then he earns a “minus” – it’s a take-away game – after receiving five points, the player is eliminated.

This game can be an ideal leisure option for your family because it will help you to spend time outdoors and compete to see which of you is the most accurate.

If you get bored quickly, we suggest diversifying your days off with another interesting and unusual activity. Encourage your kids to play the treasure hunt – draw a map, mark the places, where children should find clues, leading to the main prize in the treasure hunt. The main prize can be a children’s play tent. There are a variety of tent shapes and sizes to choose from – for example, you can buy an Indian-style tent, a castle-shaped tent, or even a fire engine tent. Such a gift will give the child joy for more than one month.

To sum up, don’t forget to spend time with your dearest and nearest as much as possible. They will appreciate your effort, for sure. Nowadays, people are getting stuck in an everyday routine, especially in a constant working process at a smart home. We should value every moment spent with our family, as such pleasant memories will last forever.

How to Spend More Time with Kids

family evening gathering
family evening gathering

Many parents at the end of the day find themselves completely exhausted. Take the child to school, collect his briefcase, pick up from school after school, teach lessons with him, prepare dinner, bathe, read before going to bed … Add to this the work and other activities that adult life cannot do without. In the evening, parents barely have enough strength to get to bed. And this routine is repeated day by day. Every day you spend with a small child seems like a week to you, and every week as a month.

And yet, when you celebrate the birthdays of a child, it seems to you that time goes at an incredible speed. In one instance, a one-year-old becomes a five-year-old, a little more – and he is already 15. Young parents are faced with this inexorable run of time when the children grow up right before their eyes. Every day brings new achievements and new reasons for a surprise. But the rapid pace of modern life often prevents us from enjoying all the features of childhood.

Many of us have heard of such new trends as “slow”, strict parenting, conscious parenting, etc. However, many experts say that the whole process of education is reduced to one principle: parents need to spend more quality time with their children. Children need to see who you are and how you live your life. And, in turn, they help you better understand who you are.

Not every day you spend with your child will be perfect, but one day, when he begins an independent life, you will feel deep satisfaction, because you gave him everything to succeed in life, and to yourself – everything to become successful parents. Time cannot be slowed down, but it can be optimized. Therefore, while the child is still with you and makes a mess in his room, go to him before bedtime to wish a good night.

Pajama walks

Bedtime may be too hectic for the baby. There is a good way to calm him down – a “pajama” walk. Of course, walking in pajamas is only worth it when the weather permits. This will allow the child to relax, and you – spend time with him, which could be spent on watching cartoons or computer games. The main element of such a walk is pajamas. When the child bathed, brushed his teeth and put on his pajamas, put him in a stroller (or, if the child is a little older, just put on sneakers) and slowly walk around the neighborhood. Do not take food for a walk (after all, the child has already brushed his teeth), do not play active games, you can not even talk. A short walk will lead to the fact that upon returning home, the child will be ready for bed.

Pizza evening

Family dinners are good on their own, but even more children like theme dinners. It can be an evening of pizza, sushi or Italian cuisine. When children are interested and fun, they willingly talk with their parents at dinner.

Walk more often

When we drive a car everywhere, even over short distances, trying to save time, we actually lose invaluable moments that we can spend with a child. The next time you need to take your child somewhere, go there on foot. A walk together is a great way to slow down and spend more time with your child. Tell him where you are going, and talk about what you see along the way. Hold his hand if he has not yet begun to feel shy. If you are taking your child to a training session or to a music school and usually then return to pick him up, you can bring along a work laptop or book to pass the time. After waiting for the end of the training, take the child home.

Play his games with your child

If you bought a game console for your child, learn how to play it yourself. So you can get in touch with his world. Why is it important? Firstly, games evoke a spirit of competition, and children are pleased to see their parents as simple people with human emotions. Secondly, even if you are not playing very well, it will be fun. Thirdly, many games imitate real actions (for example, football, basketball, and other sports). If you cannot really play these games with your child, computer games will help you. However, do not spend too much time on them so that virtual reality does not replace physical.