Must-Have Gadgets for New Parents

The way of becoming a parent is full of limitless stress and anxiety, and preparation. You have lots of choices to make, and all they look like life-and-death decisions. That makes young parents an easy target for the baby-gear industry, which is expected to surpass $100 billion by 2025. If you thought that buying a new phone or laptop was hard, simply wait until you’re challenged with numerous “smart” kids gadgets that promise to prevent SIDs, track every defecation and make sure your kid isn’t messed up for life.

That’s actually the life I have been living for the past years. Now that my daughter is nearly six months old, I have a much better sense of the equipment she really needs to use and what’s a waste of money.

Safety Seat & Stroller

mother holding baby stroller

My husband and I agonized over choosing one for months: we read every kids’ blog, site, and forum. Finally, we decided to buy a 2-in-1 gadget, seat and stroller. It’s reasonably brand-new stuff that has one killing feature: with the touch of a button, the wheels fold down and it acts as a car seat. Many moms and dads usually buy a seat for their cars and a stroller independently, however, that didn’t make sense for my family. We live in Brooklyn, and don’t have a car and wanted to bring the baby on the train frequently as well as easily hop her into a cab.

The gadget is the best solution for us. It’s compact, so it does not overwhelm pathways and store aisles like so numerous other strollers. Our baby fits in it comfortably, and she does not have any difficulty sleeping in it. They are also light-weight and it’s simple to hold it one-handed, which is a great advantage when going up and down train stairs.

After we chose our stroller, we started to plan our nursery gear, which was an entirely new level of parent hell. To make things easy, we focused on the must-haves first: a baby screen and a soothing gadget.

Baby Monitor

teddy bear and baby monitor on table

Then, we bought a baby monitor, which was an extremely useful purchase. It has a sleek monitor with a beautiful HD screen and 15+ hours of battery life. There is a wide range of best baby monitors on today’s market with a high-resolution cam and night vision that can pan over. The only genuine disadvantage is that the camera takes a bit of work to mount and the monitor’s kickstand feels a bit lightweight. Otherwise, it was precisely what I was looking for: a genuinely modern spin on a classic.

Kids Soother

mother installing baby shooter

On the opposite side of the tech spectrum is the Kids Soother. It’s a substantial plastic toy that illuminates with vibrant characters and plays music. That’s it. It was invaluable during our first month with the baby when seemingly every diaper action led to a weeping. First, she was mesmerized by the soother. However as time went on, she started engaging with the characters, nearly like they were TV celebrities. She also enjoys hitting the substantial button on the front of the soother, which turns it on and off. Early on, she would hit it for enjoyable, and now she has a ball controlling the show on her own.

Despite the fact that the Kids Soother is quite a low tech and has been around permanently, there’s a factor it’s still popular: it works. Simply be sure to keep a lot of C batteries on hand or get some rechargeables: the soother needs 4 of them, and it chews through them like candy.

Baby scales

baby on scales

As we built out our nursery, my husband and I also knew we desired some sort of digital baby scale around. It may look like a high-end, however, we spoke with a lot of good friends that they work for keeping track of infant weight early on, when it’s difficult to measure just how much breast milk they’re consuming. But modern scales can measure a baby’s weight in a few seconds, and there is no trouble dealing with our squirmy baby. It comes with a terrific surface area as an altering pad: it’s soft and cleans easily, and it does’t get too cold throughout winter nights.

Most of baby scales have a mobile app for tracking feedings, diaper changes, and sleep. You’ll be doing a great deal of data tracking as a brand-new mom and dad. And you’ll get actually invested in counting diapers. The app is easy to use and does an awesome work of setting out trends. So you can quickly be informed if your baby is eating less than usual. The app is usually free; you don’t need to spend extra to use it.

Amazon Echo

amazon echo in living room

Someone thinks that is not necessary, especially if you have a smart speaker. That’s why I also recommend purchasing an Amazon Echo for your nursery. It’s hands-free and has voice commands. That makes it perfect when you’re deep in diapers or trying to rock a picky baby to sleep. The sound quality is good enough for piping in some tunes or a podcast when you’re nursing. And you can also use it to control smart lights in your nursery: it’s great for dimming the room as you’re attempting to put your child to sleep.

One thing you’ll need to remember when buying any baby gear: every kid is different. You’ll absolutely have your own must-have gadgets after you learn what your baby really likes. But I hope my list can help you to get started.

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