How to Have Time for Everything – Life Hacks for Moms

Life has turned upside down and spun around a small crying baby. What you learn, will change your daily routine and your attitude to living that will really help to keep up with everything.

The solution was to study literature on time-management, baby psychology, and parenting. I prefer audiobooks. When I put my daughter to sleep on my chest, I turn them on and gain new information eagerly.

Since then I’ve kept our home neat and tidy with a considerable number of rooms, I always have fresh food on the table, my head is always washed, my clothes are ironed. In addition, I carry on my blog and currently working on a new book. And besides it, I don’t forget to have time for my kids, husband, and myself.

1. Calm down and relax

It turns out that a baby, especially such a small one, is completely in the biofield of his mother and feels her emotions very well. If the baby is unlucky and has an anxious mother who is worried for any reason, then the kid feels all this and becomes very restless. And then you get a vicious circle – from the fact that he is anxious, there may be colic due to nerves and poor appetite, and short sleep. Therefore, the first and most important step to keep pace with everything is to calm down and relax, trust the higher powers, the baby himself and exhale.

2. Admit it honestly

It goes very often, what happens to us is actually beneficial to us. Although we can complain about fate. So it was with me. I complained to everyone that my daughter was sleeping in the afternoon only lying on me, and that was two or three hours. But actually it was the only time when I could lie down calmly, think about life, and have a nap if the night was sleepless. Of course, I didn’t have time to cook food in this situation, so my family was doing it, making me free from this duty. Of course, it was convenient for me! As soon as I realized this and really wanted to go back to waking life, the baby began to sleep in her crib in the afternoon.

woman in the kitchen

3. Time for yourself

Having freed up a few hours for my business, I used to start cooking and clean the apartment immediately. But when my daughter woke up, I was tired and irritated. There was no time to read a book or sit at the computer with a cup of tea. Then I learned from the same books that I wasn’t organizing things properly. The time when the baby sleeps is mine. It’s essential. I devote it just to what my soul wants. When I do all the other things, you ask? When the baby is awake. I take the baby to the kitchen, put the bassinet in the center and make lunch and dinner singing songs with my kid. The baby watched me interested and listened to my singing. The same is for cleaning, washing, and other chores.

4. The focus is on the main things

These are your baby, husband, and yourself. Anything else can wait. Dishes can lie in a dirty sink and the world will not collapse. The floor can also be cleaned tomorrow. Food can be ordered from a restaurant or assigned to your husband to cook. But if you don’t pay attention to the baby until he’s full of his mother, it will be a disaster for everybody. Yes, and if you don’t pay attention to yourself, then the little baby’s whims make you extremely exhausted, and I become irritated, ready to swoop on anybody who appears on my way. And it could be a husband, and such behavior doesn’t improve our relationship.

5. Do not try to catch everything

This is a basic rule if you’re wondering how to keep up with everything with a small baby. One or two things at once max. If more chores is possible to deal with – that’s great. But if you plan dozens of things and don’t do even a half, you will be very upset about yourself. This discontent takes away strength, energy and makes the nervous system very shaky.

Here are the main methods that help me do everything that I need. I hope they will help you too!

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