First Riding Safety Tips

Riding an ATV is an exciting experience that the whole household can be delighted with. It’s awesome, and it is also entertaining, in terms of environment, behavior and even interaction with others. So riding an ATV can be fun and we will help you to become a safe ATV driver.

This guide will advise you and your kids how to ride a gas ATV. And also it will help you stay safe by explaining to you a few of the essentials about the right gear, where to get classes, the basics of how to control an ATV and other aspects ensure you get a great, safe experience while your kid rides a gas ATV.

Get the Gear

Among the most important things you are required to do is to get dressed properly, regardless of what type of ATV you are going to buy, where you are going to ride and others. From the very beginning, a kids ATV helmet is the very first (and best) line of protection from injury in case of a crash.

Other basic safety gear includes gloves, boots that go over the ankle, long sleeve shirt, long trousers, safety glasses, and a chest protector.

boy standing by atv in snow

Choose an ATV

You initially have to choose what kind and style of an ATV your kid will ride.

For leisure riding, a sports quad would be an excellent bet. If you think you are going to work it out to a professional, you might consider a powerful ATV.

If we are talking about kids and youth, then you absolutely have to take a look at kids gas ATVs, that are quite durable, adjustable and upgradable. Most of them come almost fully assembled so your kid can enjoy the ride at once.

Get ATV Classes

As soon as you get the perfect ATV for your kid and get the proper gear, it’s time to consider how to ride, and how to do it safely.

Anybody can take an ATV and make it go. That’s an easy part. It won’t tip over like a motorcycle when you first try to take off. The issue is when you need to turn or stop or stop immediately in the middle of a run. Do you understand how it’s going to react? Do you understand how much influence your body position has on a quad? Learn by taking a course.

The ATV Security Institute has classes all over the country for you to get training.

teens taking atv classes

Your First Hours on an ATV

If you’re new to riding ATVs you should start slowly and easy till you get used to it. The controls are typically extremely the same from different models, with a thumb throttle on the right handlebar and a handbrake that typically triggers the front brakes. Some have a twist throttle like a motorbike.

The left handlebar normally has the clutch if geared up. The rear brakes are applied with the right foot and moving with the left foot.

After your kid has actually gotten enough experience of a gas ATV riding; where the controls are, how to operate everything smoothly, how to turn safely using your body-weight, then you can begin moving on and improving your skills.

As a brand-new rider, you need to stay totally concentrated on what you’re doing and where you’re going. Don’t overdrive and don’t overuse your brakes. Practice how to start, stop and turn over and over until you make it a habit. There’s nothing that will master your riding ability like sitting and doing nothing.

Hope, these tips for beginners are useful and you enjoy your riding a gas ATV. Good luck and never give up!

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