LED headlights or HID conversion kits – What to Choose?

The question we get asked all the time is, which is better? LED headlights or an HID conversion kit? HID kits have been out since the early 2000s, where LED headlights have only been out for five or six years. Now it’s only been in the last couple of years that LED headlight bulbs have actually been good enough to be used in a headlight as a headlight. Generally speaking they’ve been too dim and not well enough build to be a reliable product. Today, that’s not entirely the case. My name’s Chris with Headlight Revolution, and in this video we’re going to address that question. Which is better? A LED headlight bulb or an HID conversation kit?

What makes LED better than HID

Now the answer’s kind of like, HID is better for this, this and this, LED is better for this, this and this. So first let’s talk about what makes an LED kit better than a HID kit. The three main reasons you would pick an LED headlight bulb over a HID conversion kit is LED is generally easier to install, you don’t have the large ballast or relay harness. LED color is normally better than a HID kit. When you’re comparing the new LED headlight bulbs to the most common HID conversion kits that you get, the LED is going to have a more pure, beautiful white or blueish tinted color, where the HID can have hues of red, green and yellow that you don’t want, but they’re rampant in cheaper HID kits. The third thing is the fact that LED bulbs are the new technology, they’re already surpassing the brightness of a 35 watt HID kit in some applications.

That means that as time goes on we’re going to see LED headlight bulbs become the big player in headlight bulb upgrades. Pretty soon it’s not going to be a matter of, is your LED headlight kit brighter than HID? It’s how much brighter. Now we might be a little way off from having an LED bulb that’s as bright as a 55 watt HID, but the GTR Lighting third generation LED headlights bulbs, for example, are as bright or brighter than a 35 watt HID kit in most headlights.

Easy Installation with Less Parts

The reason that an LED highlight bulb is generally easier to install than an HID kit is because they don’t require a relay harness and they don’t require a large HID ballast. A lot of people think that the ballast on an LED is called a ballast. It’s not a ballast, it’s a driver. It’s a constant current driver designed to convert 12 to 24 volts DC into whatever voltage the LED bulb need to operate.

An HID ballast is a totally different technology. Because of that it’s so small that most applications you can just tuck it away, or zip ties it. Now some of the bulbs, like this one from PIAA, still have a pretty massive driver which is a little bit more difficult to hide and install, but more and more you’re finding less big drivers like this and the kits are becoming easier to put in. This gold LED headlight bulb has a pair of Philips SMD type LEDs on each side. This PIAA LED headlight bulb has a pair of domed SMD LEDs on each side. Check the other ones just here: https://10carbest.com/led-headlights-bulbs. This GTR lighting bulb has the newest CSP style LEDs that are able to better mimic the shape and light output of a battery filament.

That means that as technology goes on, you’re going to see the old ones going away and the newer ones come out that work better and better in more and more headlights.

Technology That Is Like Forever on The Market

When looking at an HID conversation kit, the things that make an HID kit better than an LED headlight bulb are HID technology has been around forever, like almost two decades, it’s tried and true, it works. The formula has been discovered and now we’re just making it better. When you look at the GTR Lighting gen three and gen four HID kits, you really can’t get anything much better than this.

So you know that when you getting an HID kit, you pretty much have an idea how it’s going to work and you can expect that it will do what it’s going to do. It’s going to be three times brighter than stock and five times brighter than stock if you do a 55 watt HID kit. And that’s the next big thing, with an HID kit there’s a ton of flexibility.

You can do 35 watt ballasts that give you 3000 lumens of light, you can do 55 watt ballasts that give you 5000 lumens of light, you can do 3000k color for gold, 4000k color for OEM white, 6000k color or 8000k or 10,000k color, there’s tons of options.

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